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We have been writing for the leading investment newsletter, the Eureka Report, on investment strategies and portfolio allocation for over 7 years.
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Is this the Bottom of the Cycle for Earnings?

Feb 2016  Australian shares aren't as cheap as you might think. Poor local share market performance since 2007 is entirely attributable to a continuing "earnings recession" among Australian companies. However if past trends in earnings growth kick in, it is possible for the market to regain its prior peak in time for a start of a "Roaring 20s" new decade for investors. 

Cracks in Your Crystal Ball

Aug 2008  A submission to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) who released "Consultation Paper 101: Superannuation Forecasts", this paper explores why all projections are wrong and can lead to dire consequences if investors do not fully understand the assumptions and limitations used. Furthermore, it shares ideas for using projections responsibly. 

Build Your Own Hybrids

Apr 2010  Hybrid income securities are included by many investors as part of their fixed interest allocation. However, their price fluctuates like equity but their return is more like bonds. Investors looking for good, stable returns could instead consider a mix of shares and cash. 

The ASX200: a Concentrated Mix

Sep 2015  Our share market, and index funds based on it, is no longer overly concentrated in banks and resources. Just banks and now more so. Investors may not be getting the diversification they seek when investing in index funds or ETFs that are based on the ASX200. Dilution is needed to control this risk.

Human Capital Investing

Oct 2011  Your work and wealth overlap more than you think. Being the CFO of your career means managing your human, financial and investment capital.

Investing Like the Rich

Mar 2008  The same principles that guide the portfolios of the wealthy can also be applied to average investors. 

We've Been Here Before

Jun 2011  130 Years of market history. It may take years for asset prices to recover but don't despair because returns from here are much better than they were at the peak

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