Classical music finally has its money song - “Symphony GFC” is released

According to Oscar Wilde ‘When bankers get together they talk about art, when artists get together they talk about money’. So it’s not surprising that pop musicians like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and the Beatles wrote songs about money. Until now there has not been any popular classical work about money.

“Symphony GFC” was composed by Gawain Davey to capture the changing emotions investors faced during the three phases of the global financial crisis (GFC) – the rising share market, its fall and recovery. “Think Vivaldi’s four seasons, but done to the three seasons of the GFC” says Dr Douglas Turek, Investment Adviser and Finance Commentator who commissioned this work.

First performed and recorded on 17 February 2014 by Orchestre Nouveau, Zach Tay conductor, the symphony was released on 6 March in Australia and 9 March Internationally to mark the 5 year anniversary of the lowest point reached by stock prices respectively during the GFC.

Watch an excerpt from the first performance and recording

Symphony GFC is easily approachable music, with touches of jazz, indie and soul. It has dual appeal to those interested in finance and music. Australian composer Lyle Chan describes it as a "vivid, almost filmic evocation" and applauds the work as "a story that needs to be told and heard". Classical instrumentation is matched to the powerful emotions felt by investors through the difficult GFC period which lifts listeners with the rising share market then dumps them over a musical cliff!

Davey found inspiration studying a detailed chart of the rise, fall and recovery of the share market. The score dramatically transitions from “Making Money” to “The Crash”, and includes musical elements to remember events like the Irish banking crisis (Danny Boy), the second Lehman Brother's collapse, the Greek bond default (a Zorba dance) and introduces the “Waltz of Making Money”. Listeners will also hear sounds of shaking coins.

Prophetically perhaps, the final hopeful sounding “Recovery” movement ends with a “musical question mark” wondering whether the GFC is truly over?

Listen here freely to the full 12 min score and/or buy a download copy



Symphony GFC is dedicated to 'Mum and Dad investors' around the world and their trustworthy fiduciaries whose resolve was tested during these challenging times. May they enjoy the music and financial security forever!

Watch an interview with the Composer, the Conductor and the "Inspirator"

What next?

Monies raised from music sales and the generosity of sponsors will be used to fund live premiere performances at its birthplace in Australia and in financial capitals like New York and London and elsewhere.

If you are an organisation, broadcaster or orchestra that would like to bring this music to life for your audience, please contact us: or

Images from the first recording and performance

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