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How we help?

We help by answering questions like ... (click below to read how we get answers)

How we help?
  • Are we or are our investments on track?
  • We use history, not just forecasts, to answer how much you need or can live off now in retirement or if you retired now
    If you don't know, we can benchmark your investment's performance and identify any value add or loss

  • How should I structure our income and wealth?
  • We can help you protect your income and assets from others and excessive tax
    We will work out whether and who should direct more income or assets to super, when to start pensions, when to draw funds and whether a self-managed super fund is (still) right for you
    Outside super we will answer how much assets you should/must hold and in whose name and whether structures like a family trust make sense
    If you have debt we can advise on optimally structuring and its possible role

  • How should I invest?
  • Investing is a broad church and there is more than one way to secure financial security
    We can help you work out a style of investment that suits you

  • Is my portfolio properly structured?
  • We will help you work out your "eat well, sleep well" tradeoff between growth and defensive assets
    We will give you an asset allocation budget of all that you need in your portfolio
    We highlight the different investments you are or we might use to fill that out
    We will comment on the various risks embedded in your portfolio and whether you are being adequately rewarded
    We will discuss various options to transition existing investments and can assist with that

  • What if I become unable to look after my investments?
  • Many successful DIY and SMSF investors lose the interest or capacity to manage money
    In some families, there is "key (wo)man risk" with only one a confident investor
    We can step in to assist investing progressively or in the event of need
    Others can but choose not to manage their money wanting someone to take the work away

  • What’s the best way to pass on our legacies?
  • Many successful wealth accumulators are failures at spending their kid's inheritance
    We point out clever structures and strategies to pass on wealth inter-generationally for benefit of all generations
    We can help you evaluate early giving, ways of managing capital gains and other inheritance like taxes, ways to keep the money in the family, ....
    For those not finished their wealth building journey, we can advise on and arrange insurances to make sure that happens in the even of illness or death

  • Is there a better way to manage investing?
  • We help individuals and families administer their wealth taking away burden.
    We are sensitive to past tax history and we give you new information to feel confident your money is working hard for you or the family.

  • Can I afford you?
  • Can you afford not to seek expert assistance with critically important investments?
    We invest our time up front (at no cost to you) to first meet with you and work out whether and how we can help you
    We will later give you a written proposal of how we will help and how much that will cost
    Our one off fee is generally between 1/10th and 1% of your investments and a modest, before any tax reduction, hurdle to add value
    We work thereafter on fixed or asset variable fee but not on commission


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