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Who we help?

we help:

  • Time-poor professionals, executives and business owners
  • Retirees and semi-retirees busy enjoying their lifestyle and family
  • Trustees of SMSFs and of family, testamentary and charitable trusts
  • Elderly often working in conjunction with children
  • Inexperienced investors and experienced investors seeking a 2nd opinion
  • People whose circumstances have changed through retirement, retiring a mortgage, career change, inheritance, business sale, divorce, loss…

... and those who want:

  • A service tailored to suit their level of interest and skills
  • A relationship similar to one with their accountant or lawyer, not like one with a product salesperson or call centre operator
  • Their interests to come first and not an institution’s
  • Frequent personal communication in good and bad times
  • Someone they can trust to look after the family when they are not around

Our clients include:

administrators, architects, bankers, barristers, cartoonist, consultants, current and former “c-suite” executives CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, MDs, GMs, deceased estates, dentists, doctors, Directors, engineers, entrepreneurs, families, farmers, geologists, IPO millionaires, IT professionals, investment bankers, journalist, lawyers, market researchers, media executives, medical professionals, middle-managers, ordained ministers, overseas Australian expatriates, pharmacists and pharma executives, philanthropists, pilots, public servants, radiologists, recently divorced, recruiters, refugees of other advisers and financial service companies, restauranteurs, retail bankers, Retirees, BRW rich listers, sailors, sales professionals, siblings, school chaplain, small business owners, specialists, surgeons, teachers, testamentary trusts, those who have “Made Work Optional”, those with $0.5 - $50M of investments, university professors and lecturers, “voluntarily unemployed”, widows and widowers, World Bankers, young accumulators, …

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